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Morning on the Beach

February 10th, 2008 – 11:40 pm
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ReflectionsI went for a long walk this morning at the beach in Ventura where I live. After all the rain and cold weather, everyone was out. Couples, moms with their strollers, the surfers, young and old(er) with their long boards and wetsuits. The surf was way up today and it was crowded in the water. You could hear the surfers on shore yelp when a big one was caught. In the distance was one of the tall ships that docked in the Ventura harbor this weekend.

It was so invigorating and inspirational. After my walk I could hardly get back home fast enough to get started on my printmaking. I recently got a press and have been anxious to use it. I totally lost track of time and ended up spending 6 hours this weekend printing.
This is one of the prints I made yesterday. When the others dry I can go ahead and upload them as well.

February 10th, 2008 – 11:39 pm
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