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Show at Studio 3 East

July 19th, 2008 – 9:07 pm
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My inspiration for the piece that I entered into the juried Santa Barbara Printmakers Show was that of working with the girls at the Aviva Grad House.  I spent a whole weekend in my studio and this is the piece that I entered.

It was with excitement great anticipation that I attended the first Thursday opening event in Santa Barbara at the Gallery 3 East.  As I turned the corner I saw the small red dot indicating a sale. How exciting, someone loved my vision enough to want it in their space.  I was fortunate to meet Jill who purchased the piece. She recounted to me her connection to the framed monotype that I named “All you need is Love”.  It was such an honor to be thanked for creating this piece.

Aviva Girls come to the Gallery

July 8th, 2008 – 9:43 pm
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I will never forget the look on the girl’s faces when they entered the gallery and saw for the first time their work displayed on the walls of the Tracy Park Gallery. It was jubilation along with teary eyes for us all. I was so proud of them for their honesty and purity of heart. It was heartwarming to see how proud they were of their work and know that I had somehow made a little difference in their lives. Hopefully it was to be a steppingstone to a more positive self image.

Here they are seeing their work for the first time