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Angel Contest

January 21st, 2010 – 10:48 pm
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Thanks to my wonderful sister Liz, I entered an online angel contest  through I was fortunate to win second prize for my light painting of Mandolin Angel.  I have long had a fascination with angels both here and beyond and feel them all around me. I had this vision of an angel quietly strumming a mandolin. Well it took me forever to find a mandolin, this one’s an oldie. I had been looking for a model with long red hair for quite awhile as well.  Lo and behold I found this beautiful girl in the market one night as I ran in to get some bananas for my morning shake. I hesitated in approaching her, but I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t talk to her.  She was most gracious and we spent two days together shooting. Oh and I made 5 different sets of wings including this one.  That was quite a job, feathers everywhere!

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